Chester County Deportation Lawyer 

Deportation is a word that no foreign-born individual living in the United States wants to hear, but sometimes circumstances arise in which the United States government seeks to remove the individual from the country. When individuals are deported, they are forced to return to their country of origin and are exiled from the United States on a temporary or permanent basis. Whether the exile is temporary or permanent will depend on the reasons for which the individual was deported. Individuals living in Chester County, Pennsylvania or the surrounding areas that have received notice of deportation from the U.S. government should contact Attorney James J. Munnis immediately. 

In 2002 the U.S. government made changes to existing policies regarding immigration, and these new changes reflected the government's “get tough” approach to immigration issues. These policies directly and significantly affect foreign-born individuals living within the United States and those wishing to enter the United States.  Since approximately 500,000 foreign nationals reside within the borders of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the demand for a knowledgeable and skilled deportation attorney is considerable.  

Foreign-born individuals residing in the United States that have not become legal permanent residents must take care to ensure that they do not continue to unlawfully reside in the United States once their temporary visa expires. Foreign national should note that green cards also have expiration dates and must be renewed every 10 years. While an expired green card is not a deportable offense, an expired green card can cause major headaches when the individual tries to re-enter the United States or tries to obtain employment or benefits. An expired visa on the other hand is a deportable offense because this signifies that the individual is living illegally within the United States.  If individuals have had difficulty obtaining a visa extension and may be facing deportation, Attorney James J. Munnis can provide experienced legal counsel, guidance, and assistance. 

Criminal violations of the law are another reason why foreign-born individuals may be confronted with possible deportation. It is important that individuals living in the country on a visa or green card ensure that they uphold all state and federal laws, rules, and regulations. It is essential that foreign nationals maintain good standing within their community and demonstrates that they are a person of good moral character. Along with violations of the individual's visa and criminal violations of the law, non-criminal violations of the law may also be offenses for which an individual could be deported.  

Individuals facing any type of offense that could result in deportation need to retain the services of Attorney James J. Munnis. Attorney munnis can help foreign-born individuals plead their case in a court of law in an attempt to lawfully remain in the United States.  Deportation and removal processes may seem like a nightmare to those involved, but the consequences of deportation are real. Because removal from the United States can have a profound, negative impact on the life of the individual and his or her family, it is crucial that individuals facing possible deportation contact Attorney James J. Munnis.